The South Carolina Society and each of its Town Committees seek to encourage national pride in our citizens primarily through the field of education, stimulating a spirit of true patriotism and a knowledge of American heritage. The NSCDA-SC has provided support to our military personnel and their families since 1898 when the Dames aided US troops in Charleston on their way to Cuba during the Spanish-American War. The Society also participates in historical projects, which include research, preservation, publications, and monuments.
Patriotic Service
  • Welcoming new American citizens at naturalization ceremonies throughout the state and presenting each one with a copy of the Bill of Rights.
  • Sponsoring the Congressional Seminar Essay Contest, which exposes high school winners to democracy in action and a week-long education seminar in Washington, D.C.  (Essay Contest details are under “Education)
  • Participating in “Carolina Day,” the annual community commemoration of the Battle of Sullivan’s Island on June 28, 1776, which is considered by many scholars to be the first significant patriot victory of the American Revolution.
  • Displaying our flag collection, which has copies of all the flags that have flown over U.S. territories, each with a specific history, and making them available for educational purposes.
  • Participating in the Veterans History Project by interviewing and recording personal accounts of American veterans so that future generations may hear directly from our veterans and better understand the realities of war thus fostering a greater appreciation of their sacrifice.
Service to our Military
  • Partnering with Operation Gratitude and Operation Paperback, which has resulted in more than 4,000 letters of thanks by 4th-graders and several hundred paperback books being sent to servicemen and women.
  • Establishing a Military/Veteran Scholarship and supporting “Veterans on Deck” and other programs which aid our military personnel.
  • “Together, we are stronger” This mantra led to Upstate Warrior Solutions becoming a “community quarterback.”  They lead a coordinated effort to serve and connect warriors and their families to resources they greatly need.  SC Dames support this endeavor.

  • Operation Valentine Valentines for Vets!  How simple was this project? LTC Perry Gwinn was surprised and touched by your cards!  After receiving your sweet Valentines, LTC Gwinn simply couldn’t refuse to give us an interview of his WWII days, for the Dames Archives and the Library of Congress.  The valentine pictured below is from new Pee Dee Dame, Perry Tison Wilson.  Also, you were part of the over 70,000 Valentines sent to Major Bill White.  Wow & thanks all!

Historical Projects
  • Erecting historical markers and monuments to honor people and events that contributed to our freedom.
  • Producing an oral history video, in association with Charleston Country Schools, giving a view of World War II as experienced by a child in the South Carolina Low Country.
  • Updating and adding ancestor information for the NSCDA Ancestor Bibliography Register
  • Supporting the Sampler Project, which includes a number of examples at the Charleston Museum.

The National Society is dedicated to inspiring patriotism and a knowledge of the American heritage in all citizens through a variety of citizenship, flag, and education programs nationwide. In addition to funding the reconstruction of the Jamestown Church in Virginia, the NSCDA has sponsored such monuments as the granite canopy protecting Plymouth Rock. The first memorial donated by a women’s organization in Arlington National Cemetery is the Spanish-American War Monument erected by the NSCDA in 1900, which honored fallen US soldiers in their own time.

National projects include the Ancestor Bibliography Register, Ancestor Biographies, and the Sampler Survey. The organization is also committed to the Library of Congress Veterans History Project as it collects, preserves, and makes accessible the personal accounts of American veterans so that future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand the realities of military service.

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